Steps to take when renting a dumpster in Sacramento

Following renovation, construction or demolition work, do you have a large quantity of waste or rubble to dispose of? As waste disposal in Sacramento must meet certain standards like safety strict measures must be taken.

Why bother dealing with this debris yourself when you can rent a dumpster? Easy solution par excellence, get rid of your waste easily, but above all in a more responsible way. How does the process work and what are the safety standards for dumpster rental?

Why rent a dumpster for your waste

When you are required to carry out any work, it is important to clean the site afterwards. However, cleaning the premises does not mean that you can throw waste anywhere. you must limit pollution in California and reduce waste creation.

Renting a dumpster saves time, but also money. Indeed, the size of these storage spaces makes it possible to transport a large volume of waste in one go, and more easily. Furthermore, opting for a more modest vehicle is not always profitable, especially when no recycling center is nearby.

In many cases, the services offer to take care of sorting your garbage, so as to speed up and simplify the operation.

What waste can be disposed of by a skip rental service

In the interest of safety and regulation, because an authorization is required to transport so-called hazardous waste, some dumpster rental services do not take care of some waste. This mainly concerns materials that may present any danger to humans or the environment. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to find out beforehand about the nature of the waste accepted by each service.

Sacramento Dumpster Rentals Whiz deals with all types of waste, with the exception of debris requiring special authorization. Their service excludes all flammable, toxic, explosive or radioactive products. You can call them for the removal of your ordinary industrial waste such as production waste or packaging. Bulky equipment such as furniture, household waste other than food, rubble, recyclable waste are also likely to be removed.

What are the arrangements before moving to renting waste skips

The skips are delivered directly to the site, to facilitate the transport of waste. In certain cases, particularly if your land is located on a public road, an agreement with your town hall is necessary. This aims to ensure that your dumpster does not present any inconvenience or danger to traffic.

Also, it is imperative that you have a suitable and easily accessible location. In addition, the ground must be perfectly stable, otherwise the skip will sink or present a risk to passers-by. Likewise, make sure that the premises can accommodate the truck responsible for installing and removing the dumpster. Provide at least two parking spaces, or even three, so that the vehicle can easily access the site and carry out maneuvers in complete safety. The space required depends on the dimensions of the dumpster you choose to rent, but also on the size of the dump truck.

How to choose a dumpster to rent

The safety standards for dumpster rental services in Sacramento require that it complies perfectly. An unsuitable dumpster can not only be dangerous, but at the same time make your job even more complicated. The nature, size and extent of your waste will be the main criteria to remember when choosing your skip.

The first step is therefore to identify the type of waste to be evacuated. Local junk disposal companies provide you with models of dumpsters of different sizes, to adapt to all your needs.

For all small volume waste, opt for the 10 yard open dumpster. This model collects debris of all types, and makes loading waste easier thanks to its low height. Reinforced, this skip is capable of accommodating heavy loads such as rubble or metal waste.

Do you need more space? You can rent our all waste dumpster at 20 yard. This is also quite low, and is suitable for materials of reasonable size and dimensions. Loading can be done from the rear or from above.

To protect your waste from bad weather or prevent it from flying away, a closed dumpster is ideal. This is a 30 yard model, suitable for low weight or even volatile waste such as paper or cardboard.

For very large or bulky waste, Sacramento Dumpster Rentals Whiz has a 40 yard, 2.50 meter high dumpster. This one is open, and loading is only done at the rear. With a large volume, it makes it easier to store tall objects.


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